Willow & Woven Coffins

I began making coffins fairly recently through Pentiddy Natural Burials who were looking for a local maker of sustainable environmentally friendly coffins. I attended a coffin weaving course and made my first one for a client earlier this year, I found the process of making a coffin honorable and it made me realize how important this role is.

I wish to provide families with a personal service to create unique coffins for their loved ones. I work in a peaceful wooded valley in South East Cornwall welcoming families and loved ones to visit my workshop with the opportunity to be involved in part of the weaving process.

Pentiddy Community woodland and Natural Burial ground provide me with many of the colourful willows along with some which I grow myself, my work reflects the seasons by incorporating a variety of natural fresh materials which are available throughout the year.

All coffins are made using entirely environmentally friendly products.